Multiple System Atrophy Awareness

Spreading awareness worldwide

Multiple System Atrophy Awareness is a portal to resources for Multiple System Atrophy. Highlighting the latest and best information, it aims to pull all available resources together in one easily accessible location so it may be shared by all … spreading awareness worldwide.

Suggestions for new content are most welcome or if you need advice  or have questions you don’t see covered in the resources on this website please contact Pam Bower

Pam has over 15 years experience in providing general MSA information and advice via online MSA support groups. She has extensive contacts around the world with various MSA support groups and can also suggest doctors experienced in dealing with MSA patients. She is currently moderator of the shydrager MSA support group on Yahoo and admin of Miracles for MSA and various regional MSA groups on Facebook.

The colour purple was chosen to symbolize Multiple System Atrophy Awareness, people are encouraged to wear a purple ribbon or wristband and think purple, wear purple and yes… eat purple!

The purple passion flower was chosen as the floral emblem of MSA Awareness by members of “shydrager” – the Online Support Group for Multiple System Atrophy at Yahoo! Groups.

The “Compassion Flower Mandala” was designed by Phyllis Wilcox in honor of all who struggle with Multiple System Atrophy:

The purple passion flower was chosen by the shydrager online support group for Multiple=


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