Multiple System Atrophy Awareness

Spreading awareness worldwide

The MSA Shoe – MSA Awareness Ambassador

The MSA Shoe is a world travelling MSA Awareness Ambassador on a symbolic marathon to spread the news about this rare and devastating neurological disorder.  Read the story behind The MSA Shoe and find out how you can host a leg of its journey and spread awareness in your local area.

The MSA Shoe Official Page


Other opportunites to raise awareness for Multiple System Atrophy:

There are two major MSA Awareness events that take place each year:

Other activities you may wish to be involved in year round include:

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Tired, tired, tired….
Sleep, sweet peaceful sleep.
Oh come soon to my relief.
Try and sleep to keep the pain away.
I sleep through another day.
…Sleep and dreams, the easing of sorrow.
I wake and find it another tomorrow.
MSA, robbing me of a life.
Taking time away from my son and wife.
Tired of fighting the good fight.
Always sleeping day, sleepless night.
Feeling so alone, myself slipping away.
Time to wake up, face another day.
This is what it is like to have MSA.
Richard Weber, MSA patient
In honor of all MSA patients, this page will be devoted to sharing ideas on spreading awareness of the disease through awareness campaigns and local fundraising events.



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