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More about Professor Wenning As a medical doctor and Consultant Neurologist, Gregor Wenning has been involved in the care of patients with movement disorders for over 20 years and is looking forward to answering your questions. Not only has he been involved in the medical care of MSA patients but his own family was struck by a neurodegenerative disorder, sadly his father died of motor neuron disease. Professor Wenning has a passion for unravelling the mysteries of MSA through collaboration with other researchers. He is a full Professor at Innsbruck Medical University in Austria where he leads the Division of Neurobiology research programme focused on multiple system atrophy. Over the last decade Professor Wenning’s research group has been on the cutting edge of MSA research, generating numerous published articles on MSA. Professor Wenning also coordinates the European MSA Study Group which has become the leading academic network for MSA research in Europe since its foundation in 1999. He currently serves on the Research Advisory Panel of the Multiple System Atrophy Trust(UK) and has recently contributed to a book entitled “Handbook of Atypical Parkinsonism“. More about the European MSA Study Group The European Multisystem Atrophy Study Group (EMSA-SG) was founded in January 1999. It represents a consortium of scientific investigators from academic and research centres in Europe and Israel who are committed to clinical trial activity and other research studies aimed at improving the treatment of MSA. To this end, EMSA-SG aims to advance knowledge about the aetiology and pathogenesis of MSA. Furthermore, EMSA-SG will work with government and industry sponsors to develop and implement novel therapeutic interventions in MSA. EMSA-SG is committed to the principles of open and full scientific communication. EMSA-SG is also interested in educating professionals and the public by providing scientific and medical information about MSA. EMSA-SG intends to pursue these objectives globally in close cooperation with the North American MSA Study Group (NAMSA-SG, Coordinating Office: Rochester, Minnesota, USA), the Japanese MSA Study Group (JAMSA-SG, Coordinating Office: Tokyo) and the Chinese MSA Study Group (CNMSA-SG, Coordinating Office: Beijing). Professor Wenning is devoting 1 hour each week to personally answer your submitted questions. Questions may be submitted at any time to AskDrWenning (at) In appreciation of Professor Wenning’s commitment, a voluntary donation may be made to his MSA research lab at the University of Innsbruck Division of Neurobiology Click here for details

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